Lice Symptoms

Head lice or parasitic insects are those which are known for their hygiene breaking measures. These parasites institute on the cranium- skin and lay their eggs. You can also call these insects with the name of scalp blood- suckers; an irritating element leading to the unusual itching and frustration. These critters which are found on human beings only are infectious and even lead to several contagious infections in scalp.

These critters do not broaden any such of the known diseases but can be quite irritating as they are efficient enough, to break the sanitation measures. A louse can affect a child and an adult too; this insect can even easily manage a big family of lice and lice nits in your head, done single handedly without any hesitation!

Thus, it becomes important in our life to follow the sanitation measures in order to live a healthy life; assure lice removal at once if detected in your head. Lice symptoms are easily detected- to carry out the advisory measure in order to bring sanitization in life.

There are several such lice symptoms that can be found in a person. Let us check with some of them, they are:

1) Itchiness on scalp is the mostly known and eminent form of lice symptoms. As these insects live on blood sucking, they nibble through skin in order to get access of the blood vessels. The continuous biting by the insect causes itchiness.

2) Swelling of scalp’s skin is one more & known among lice symptoms. This painful process undergoes with your scalp; it is reasoned by scraping of head in order to assuage the itchiness problem. With this the head develops ruddiness, which even adds largely to the annoyance.

3) Dry skin, a specified lice symptom. The critter sucks blood in order to live, which even contributes to transportation of several moisture buds and nutrients; necessary enough to conditioning your scalp. If your lice invasion is brutal, then the skin might become flat to dryness.

4) Broken skin is one among other lice symptoms on scalp. The lice biting as well as the human scratching makes your skin much tender, which can be easily broken. These skin breaks may lead to bleeding issues and even increase cases of scars in the scalp.

5) Another indication of louse is just their presence. Above mentioned symptoms can appear for other deficiencies such as skin infection or poor nutrition. Therefore, lice presence is the eminent way to spot lice symptoms. It is the easiest and can be verified with naked eye.

Known medicinal implication to reduce lice symptoms.

Henna is a renowned tint; a natural procedure used in order to fight lice infections. To make it more effective, you can blend the same with acidic bases like vinegar, lemon or orange juice. If you are making the same in use, try to utilize body-art worth henna; economical grades in henna superiority may turn your kid’s hair color into blazing orange. Henna does disappear leaving soft and lustrous hair.

There are several other well-equipped home remedies, which are efficient to abolish lice like tea tree oil, olive oil, and mayonnaise which are quite available in your kitchen cupboards. However, you can also use Listerine an effective mouth wash as well as a better lice cleaner for your head.

Thus, you can refer this mouth wash for sanitizing practices, which is supposed to work awfully as an unusual head lice homemade recipe. You just relate the Listerine to your child’s scalp, massage to work it and then put on a plastic cap or shower cap. After sometime you can rake thoroughly your hair to find the lice nits or lice with a functional comb to remove nits, and rejoice the awe-inspiring improvement.

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